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Major Thesis Project

A Telescopic Perspective on Place

Supervisor: Dr Emma Jackson

Semester 2, 2019


Kempsey, 'The Worst Town in Australia', is located on the NSW Mid-North Coast, 4-hour drive North of Sydney. Superorganism is the reimagining of Kempsey's culturally important public swimming pool to include a Neutral Buoyancy Training for the Australian Space Agency, in the vision of a future Space City.

It's a study on the introduction of new industry into an existing (conflict ridden) context as a vehicle for hope, in the pursuit of a new collective identity. Guided by a polemic of awkwardness, the scheme identifies the swimming pool as a pivotal battle ground in desegregation and decolonisation; suggesting that this might be one of the first facilities that our relatively new Space Agency should seek to build.

In the pursuit of plurality within architecture, I have proposed the 'Star Code' as a new planning code requirement which states that sight lines to key celestial bodies must be preserved, thereby reinforcing and demanding an intrinsic connection to place. Superorganism re-orientates architecture to other points of relevance while intensely focusing on the people who live there. 

The composition has been drawn in the cannon of Hayne's Repair and Service Manuals, harking back to the car culture of the NSW Mid-North coast, my own experiences while on field work, and ultimately the resourcefulness and resilience of the human spirit.

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