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Design Studios - RMIT Architecture

Other Homes

Tutor: Dr Peter Brew

Level: 9

Semester 1, 2018


Our cities have become homogeneous and lost places for transitional change to occur. Unlike DDA, aging, childhood and illness, we do not design for homelessness. Yet homelessness is a constant of the human condition and a fact of our contemporary society.


Other Homes are houses for care-leavers to reside in for up to 2 years while actively participating in programs. Their success is banked against in a social benefit bond scheme. 

The scheme approaches homelessness with a technical solution to eliminate aggregation on the ground plane, allowing dense deployment on any blank existing facade.


Tutor: Dr Michael Spooner

Level: 8

Semester 2, 2017


The city of Melbourne has been erased and frozen in a stasis of construction. Only construction activity remains on this desolate plane. The drawing is the site where the new city must be rebuilt. To do so, a series of projects and experiments were undertaken in this conceptual landscape...


Here pictured is the final exploration.  



The Strange: Export

Tutor: Emma Jackson

Level: 6

Semester 2, 2015


A masterplan offering the Pilbara town of Onslow a city of roads, inspired by the research analytical drawing which examines the finer grain of a seemingly empty landscape. This drawing is the rule for building within the masterplan and exploring potential for the precarious future of "Pilbara Cities". 


The final project is a new Shire Office for the town of Onslow. The scheme incorporates a large performance venue and is the new permanent home of the North West Fringe Festival. This project facilitates for art and culture to become large scale pull-factors to the region and the catalyst for secondary industries to form. 




Capitol Ambitions

Tutors: Anna Jankovic + Andre Bonnice

Level: 5

Semester 1, 2015


A new civic library in North Fitzroy. The design is based on the geometry of various book binding knots and stitches to create mystery, engendering wandering and exploration.

Exposed Ground

Tutors: Dr Richard Black + Michelle Black

Level: 4

Semester 2, 2014.


In the Castlemain Goldfields National Park near Chewton stand two remnant masonary buttress walls of the old quartz-crushing mill. With respect to this, a gallery/education/research/archive/visitors center was designed. The history of the site and ephemeral gestures were of key concern to the studio.

Chronicle Of The World

Tutor: Dr Michael Spooner

Level: 3

Semester 1, 2014.


"Chronicle of the World developed, extended and renovated the tip of the North Wharf in Docklands, Melbourne. The studio identifies the abandoned Port Conrol Tower as a centre on the periphery of the new world from which a chronicle – panoramic in its vision – can be laid out..." - Michael Spooner


I designed a house for a horologist in this conceptual landscape.


Tutor: Damien Thackray

Level: 2

Semester 2, 2013


Sited on the Yarra River near the historic Abbotsford Convent, an floodplain education/research/archive facility intended to return the ephemeral memory of historic large flood events. The passage of time was of particular concern to the studio.

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