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Exchange + Travels 

2016 Grand Tour photography and exchange semester at Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent. (KU Leuven)

Of Flotsam And Jetsam

Tutor: Bruno Peeters

Design Studio, Co-Simplicity

KU Leuven semester 2, 2016

A proposal in critical response to OMA's masterplan for Dampoort which aims to save the DOK and it's socio-cultural values.

I saw this exchange semester as an opportunity to explore a composite drawing relating to the narrative and design intent, instead of a more traditional panel layout.


The final presentation was 1:500 @ A0.




Atelier Sud - Karachi: Clifton Beach

Tutor: Christophe Polack

Exchange elective

KU Leuven semester 2, 2016


Team: Ilana Razbash, Stefan Frey & Eva Neefs

Our proposal dismantles and activates the wall surrounding Clifton Beach park and Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim park. These infinite oppertaions of decomstructing and re-arraging wall portions restores access to the most important public space in Karachi - Clifon Beach, while also allowing existing activities and stakeholders to flourish. By targeting critical access points, the local community might be inspired to continue deconstructing and enhabiting the remaining wall portions.




Workshop Week: 
"Re-thinking the In-Between"

Workshop Leader: Ana Krec, Svet Vmes

21/03 - 24/04 2016

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Sint-Lucas Campus Ghent


Team: Ilana Razbash, Ana Ponce, Weronika Widenska, Tereza Mirska & Kimila Zareba


"This green passage has the most sculpted treads in the Sint-Lucas building. Generations of first monks, then architecture students have worn down these treads. The steps have been moulded and eroded along the shortest and most convenient route. There is a lot of movement here, there is flow. Students perch themselves on the worn down timbers when there is nowhere else to sit. Our waterfall highlights this observation..."


Above: selected photography from my travels. Click to enlarge. See more on instagram @razbash_

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